How’s it going friends? I’m so stoked about how well HUGE cartoons has been going over the past couple weeks and thought I’d drop MY first news post. I anticipate being more vocal on the site and thought NOW IS THE TIME TO START! Anyhow, I hope the comics thus far have been satisfactory, my hope is every week’s comics will be 2-5 times better than the last (EASY PEASY!). I have to say I’m LOADS excited about a couple choice strips coming up in the next couple weeks. I’m ripe with trillions of HILARIOUS IDEAS (all saved in text messages to Greg) and am working on upping the art quality in every comic which means in X to the Nth years our comics will be infinitely fantastic. Thanks for checking us out and brace for chuckles every Monday/Wednesday/Friday!

-Aaron (I’m relevant because I write/draw the comics ;-D)