Thanks for stopping by to give today’s post a thorough skimming and hardy chuckle! Hugecartoons has now been up and running for about a month and luckily is doing GREAT thanks to patrons like you! I definitely feel that Greg and I have gotten much more comfortable with the site maintenance and comic creating processes which hopefully has and will translate into a better/HUGER experience for readers. Some of our future prospects include

1) BETTER ART! Obviously the art is important so it should be getting more fun to look at every week. As an aspiring artist, I have very lofty ideals of how awesome/HUGE the art should be so I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to raise the art to the next levels. I have a lot of great ideas and styles I’m working with that will knock your socks off in a HUGE way.

2) A redesigning of the site, ad campaign, and general image! I’ve really wanted to freshen up the site with new features and hilarious images. I’m also going to redesign our adverts so that Greg can promote on a wider range of outlets (this is obviously important because there are lost souls out there who haven’t heard of the HUGE things going on here.)

3) Merch! I’ll be designing HUGE “business” cards this week to leave around town in unsavory places (imagine you find a business card under the keyboard in your local library, you flip it over, and BAM! WAZAM! A picture of two men NOSE-DUELING!) They will have scannable QR codes! Expect more cool merch in the future like shirts, skirts, mouse pads, etc. Obviously we’re working on a lot of HUGE ideas! Things are only going to get HUGER from here!

Thanks for stopping by! Definitely keep checking in for all the HUGE to come as there is a lot of HUGE on the way

-Aaron (Ardtron)